Saturday, March 20, 2010

Keying Away - When Bloggers Meet

The hall was filled with Young Rookies and the Old Warhorses, some were humorous and some were sober, some listened to Rock, some listened to Raaga, some preferred Vodka and some preferred Wine, one was a Lawyer and the other a Student, but they had one thing in common: They were all passionate bloggers. And thanks to IndiBlogger, I was able to meet with some of the brightest and creative minds that one could find in the virtual world, it was a confluence of the Madcap and the Methodical. A confluence at the end of which one could proudly proclaim that "S/He is a blogger!". It was at the meet where my belief on the powers of blogging were confirmed. We all have a voice, in a world where our voices are drowned in the noises and the cacophony, cyberspace comes as a breath of fresh air, here we have our own space. Here, we all have our own individual domains, we all have our own unique twitter handles and we all have our own opinions. Like one fine lady said "We cannot be F.C.U.K ed with", its true, its amazing the kind of power that Web 2.0 now has presented to the Average Janardhan.

We now have a voice that can be echoed to scores of people. And its a powerful voice. We can show care, faith, anger, distrust, love and hope with the words we choose. And our words become a voice when we hit the "Submit" button. From people who blogged about technical stuff to the ones who blogged about random personal occurrences to the ones who blogged for a cause, for them all the keyboard is more powerful than an AK-47. It was a Saturday well spent, I made a couple of friends, shamelessly publicized my blog (in M.B.A parlance "networked") and gobbled up some freebies on offer. They say love can be found at the most unusual of places, I guess I found mine at a blogger's meet.

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Nethra said...

Nice post. :)
It surely sounds like fun. I missed Bangalore Indiblogger's meet.