Monday, September 6, 2010

The Window


The world within was chaotic, as I looked out the window
There was a storm raging within these closed walls,
And I was running away from its long and dark shadow
I was hiding from your memories, as I buried my head into the sand,
"I see you no more, I hear you no more!" I cried wanting the pain to end
You stood there invisible smiling at my juvenility,
"I shall leave you soon, and that time will come" you whispered in my ears
All those promises, all that we shared, all that we did for each other when we were so mad,
Haunted me to no end, for even they gave me a hope,
That a time will come when with your touch, my broken heart will repair
I felt I had moved on, I felt I had grown,
But when I looked out the window, I realized I was just the same old
When I ran out of words, to say how much I care
I wanted to use my lips, but alas! I could not dare
The look in your eyes, the warmth of your skin,
Made me want you more, but Oh Darling you said it was a sin!
I look out the window, and I extend my hand
Hoping you will hold it, for one last dance
The world had its own rules, it had its own laws
We were just a Boy and a Girl scared of its fierce paws
For if they came to know of what we shared,
They shall snatch it from us, and take away all we had
I look out the window to realize what you said was right,
"Maybe not this time, but for sure in another life!"
The time has come where with me you are no more,
I touch my wounds and I feel they are sore
I now have your memories, but they haunt me no more,
They remind me of how much I loved you to the core
I look out the window, wondering where you are
I close my eyes and I realize that you are not too far.

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