Friday, October 29, 2010

Fifteen Minutes of Fame

Haven't we all as kids stood in front of the mirror, held a bottle of perfume/shampoo and orated our own version of the "I would like to thank the Academy...." speech just like they do in the Oscars and the Emmys? I have done this quite a few times while growing up. I would be there in a crowded auditorium right under the spotlight with a golden statuette, thanking everybody right from Martin Scorsese to my dog walker after I had won an Oscar for playing a boxer who rises from being a Vanquished to having emerged as a Victor. That was my fifteen minutes of fame. As time passed by, better sense prevailed and I became mature enough to not indulge in such eccentric acts, although I still day dream of something like that happening. Now thanks to IndiBlogger and the theatre group Stray Factory I feel like I am finally having my moment. My blog post "A Truth Stranger Than Fiction" is being made into a short play. And none of this would have happened if not for the people mentioned below whose support has only fueled me enough to come up with better posts.

Thanks to Renie Ravin and his people at IndiBlogger for having opened up a world full of opportunities for bloggers and aspiring writers such as the Blogologues. And a special mention to their IndiBlogger meets which have given us bloggers a chance to network with one another, and also to have blessed me with a few good friends.

Thanks to Mathi and the Stray Factory team for making us bloggers feel wanted and important. A special thanks to Rajiv Rajaram, the director for having taken up this project, thank you for all those phone calls and google chat messages and the effort taken in sharing the nitty gritty of the script, inspite of never having met yet! to you I say in Vijaykanth ishtyle WE WILL MEET! WILL MEET! MEET!

And now I move on to the lady about whom the whole post is about, thanks for making me famous. Had you not said "No", none of this would have happened. Thanks to Manasa for having the patience to go through all my posts and coming up with your comments and strong worded feedback, you are a good critic and a great editor and shukriya very much for being a regular reader.

Thanks to Ranjani chitti for having spread the word about my blog, now I must confess to you that a few of my blog posts were written when I was working at your office.

Thanks to the friends I made at the IndiBlogger meet- Sandhya, Venkat and Gitanjali, birds of the same feather flock together. Now that I am a little famous please add me in your blogroll!

Thanks to Arun, someone whom I have never met yet have this feeling that I have known him for a while. Its funny how Facebook can bridge the gap between two people who live in Mumbai and Chennai. I hope you make it big as a film maker one day.

Thank you Swarna for always agreeing with whatever I had to write, be it about ear muffs or about a story on topping up for a girl.

Thanks to Harsh and Babu for being my Chandler and Joey, though you guys poke fun at the numerous crushes I have had, you guys have always been there to share my fears and dreams and DVDs which I cannot name here.

Thank you Vaishnavi for having taken up blogging, I feel humbled whenever you ask me questions about blogging. I now feel like Dronacharya, I do expect my Guru Dakshina though.

Thank you to Kavya, Shobana and Vidhya, our group meet has been pending for a long time and now we even have a reason to celebrate. I am willing to pay the bill  pay my share of the bill. Shobana, atleast now you can entertain thoughts of hooking up with me!

Thanks to Bharathi, a great boss, and a good friend, we may have our cold war between Mondays and Fridays but thanks for spreading the word to others about my blog. Maybe when I write about you, someone would make it into a movie someday.

A big Thank You to all my wise and vayasanna family members in Bangalore and Coimbatore for going through my blog posts and giving my mother a good feedback. And to my cousins - please do not judge me by my quirky posts. I am a sane guy.

Now come the people closer to home

Thanks to Nandu, my in-house editor and adviser who gets to read my blogs even before it gets published.

Thanks to Amma, a critic with whom I have never won an argument so far. I have taken up your advice and have brought down the profanity level in my blog to a non-existent level. You may no more use that as a reason for not reading my blogs. Your suggestions are always welcome, but I prefer doing it over a cup of tea on a lazy Sunday afternoon than on a taxing Monday evening.

A big thank you to Daddy, a good friend,  a fine philosopher and a great publicist. Probably the one person who treats me like John Grisham and spreads the word about my blog to his clients, friends and every stranger he meets while travelling. A word of advice, have my blog link printed on your business card.

And finally, thank you to all my regular readers, and my followers. In a way, it is your repeat visits to my blog that has always motivated me to come up with posts. Some of them may not make sense, and some do. But still, thank you for having me in your blog roll. And please do leave your comments, it would help me a great deal in bettering myself. There is a long way to go, and lots of dreams to realize.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Can not wait to see the play! :)

Anuraag said...

Hey! thanks for leavin ur comment! I would be glad if you could make it!

Anonymous said...

Pensé que iba a comentar y decir que el tema limpio, ¿lo hacen por ti mismo? Es realmente impresionante!

Anuraag Seshadri said...

@ Anonymoous

As beautiful as that sounds, I really cant comprehend wat you are saying. English please? :-)

Anonymous said...

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