Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My Judge

Will you judge me if I cry
when I see you walk away
after you bid me goodbye?
or will you wipe my tears away
and say " Big boys don't cry!"

Will you judge me if I hold your hand
and plead you to stay a little longer?

Will you judge me if I confessed
that I could never say the things I always wanted to say
only because I feared that your memories would haunt me forever?

Will you judge me if I said
that I wish we had met in a different place as different people?

Will you judge me if I said that the promises we make
will never stand the test of time?
For as time moves on so will we...

Will you judge me if I ask
if we can have a cup of coffee together for one last time?

Will you judge me when I am not there
to wish you farewell?
Not because I don't care,
but because watching you go
will make life seem unfair.


Anonymous said...

I like.

Anuraag said...

Thank you !! referred your blog actually to "borrow" some of your style. :-)

manasa said...

Man!!!!! So many posts and tears for One person!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Special web site, I had not come across this before in my queries! Proceed with the wonderful work!

Anuraag said...

@ manasa
Some people are worth it i guess :-)

@ Anonymous

thank you for dropping by, glad you liked it. Will much appreciate your inputs on my other posts as well.