Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Rearview Mirror

The final week of a year always changes us into a philosopher, just like doing a countdown of all the hit movies or songs that had released over the year, we do a recollection of all the moments that are imprinted on our minds. I was asked by a friend of mine how the year had gone by. As I look at the rearview mirror to see the things that have gone by, I realize that it has been a year of total transformation with me no longer walking the streets with the tag of a "student". The student that was within me last year has grown on to be a working man who is plagued by fears of meeting weekly targets and preparing reports instead of semester exams and campus interviews. I no more miss my college life, nor do I wish to spend a day amidst my friends in the college canteen, all that is in the past. I now yearn to grow in the path that I have chosen to tread upon. I yearn to meet new people, write more posts, make new friends, and live more experiences, and grow on to meet my ambitions.

The year 2010 has taught me to deal with change, it has taught me to be more responsible in the job that I do, be it blogging or carrying out my office chores. It has taught me to let go, and it has taught me to welcome new people in my life with open arms. It has taught me that there are good days at work, and then there are the bad days. All that matters is to learn from our mistakes, be it in personal lives or in our professional lives. I have learnt to share, I now share my fetish for blogging with friends whom I urge to blog. My blog, of which I feel like a CEO who invests time and energy in it has paid me back for all my efforts by gifting me with more readers who drop by to read it from all corners of the world. The internet is proof enough that if you got talent, then it could play a perfect portal for you to share your works with the world.

Much like a bus driver who rides along to his destination with passengers of various kinds, I too have been blessed with passengers (read friends/influences) of various kinds who have accompanied me in this year-long journey. The journey was filled with fun, fear and a bit of philosophy to overcome the fear. They taught me to dance, they taught me to laugh, they taught me to sing, but most important of all they taught me to live. There were a few who had gotten down when their stop had come, and there are a few who have stayed on. But their presence and support has always been overwhelming whenever the bus had broken down or when I encountered speed breakers en route to my destination. The bus keeps rolling, and there are many more passengers to pick up on the road and many more places to see.

Wish you all a wonderful year ahead.


subtlescribbler said...

2010 has surely poured a lot of wisdom in ur life :) and friends are definitely one of the most important part of our lives, but learning to let go is also equally important. loved the post by new-year-turned-philosopher :P
a blissful 2011 to u!


Anuraag said...

Thank you. A very happy new year to you too :-)