Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Response

Her response felt strange,
strange yet true,
true yet bitter,
bitter yet right.
"Its too late now" she declared unwilling to change our plight.

"Where were you when I needed someone more than a friend?" she asked
"I was there hidden under the shadows, knowing you will find someone better" I replied.
"Why did you fall for me so late"? 

Little did she know that I had fallen for her at a time,
when she was just a friend as we spoke over the phone late into the night,
as we shared our dreams, and of the things that gave us a fright.

I had fallen for her when she cried to me of the man who broke her heart,
who shattered her faith, and tore her innocence apart.
I had fallen for her when she radiated a warmth, that can leave scarred hearts amend
what a fool I had been to treat her just as a friend !

I bottled my emotions too scared to uncork,
as I rubbished every song I listened to that reminded me of her,
I looked the other way, as she conversed with her eyes that gave out a spark.

I was a shoulder to lean on, when I should have been the hand that held her tight.
I gave her words of comfort, when I could have been the lips that kissed  and told her "Everything will be all right".

When the boundary had been crossed, when the barrier had finally been broken,
I ran towards the shore only to find that she had sailed away.
Away into the sunset.


Anonymous said...

Whoa. Instills pain, gradually.

First off, I love the long lines.
Second, I absolutely enjoyed the conversation.

Kikyo said...

Been there.... felt that! :) Ah well, our human heart is an awesome thing. It'll get over things we can't dream of getting over! :D

subtlescribbler said...

oh! this is actually sad and heart breaking! just a few thought yet i feel for him..for his love..for the words unsaid and for those that were said but not paid heed to!
but on a positive note, love always finds a way :))
well written!


Matangi Mawley said...

People who 'there's beauty in pain'... know what they are talking about!

This was beautiful!

~Nisha~ said...

Loved it :)

Anuraag Seshadri said...

@ deep
Thank you, twas all an imaginary conversation :-D

@ kikyo: True, and before I know it I would have moved on to greener pastures

@sarah, matangi and Nish: thank you, feels good to find people liking it and connecting with poetry. helps in moving on with life.