Thursday, June 16, 2011

This Age

'Tis a precarious age this - Twenty five,
Should I behave as a boy? Or have I grown into a man?
Shall I try to get the best out of the two worlds?
Should I try to act matured as far as I can?

'Tis a crazy age this - Twenty five,
you think my juvenile heart will learn - but no he won't.
He dreams of someone special, fathering false hopes,
he still dreams of that walk in the woods, with a hand to hold.

'Tis a confusing age this - Twenty five,
as I try to forget about all those bridges I broke,
And those friends I ignore for no fault of their own.
I see their lives reflected on other people's wall,
I wonder how things would be if I gave them a call.

'Tis a scary age this - Twenty five,
as I compare lives with my accomplished peers,
their jobs, their loves, and the growth in their careers.
My resume of Life, may still look empty,
But hey, I am just Twenty-five. The life ahead is aplenty!


Anonymous said...

Lovely. It is good to recount those years well lived and not anyday, and hope for the future however tall or short it is.

Anonymous said...

Gud u realised u r ignoring whoever you r ignoring. A call wont do u any harm. N vry gud u wil not get any calls on the so calld ur day.

Anonymous said...

nw i kno u nvr pay heed 2 commnts on ur blog