Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sayonara Tidel, you've been a H(e)aven

Three months ago when I joined my first day at work at Tidel Park, I was in awe of that place. Tidel Park for many working there is more than just a place to work, its a second home to more than 7000+ employees who come there to work be it day or night, it offers you a sense of security which no other place could offer.It was literally a fortress from the outside, getting into which could be a "Mission:Impossible" for any super-spy, there were thorough security checks and bag checking too, I was a victim numerous times to their strict procedure (can't blame em' I cant get rid of my thiruttu muzhi(sly look) no matter hw hard I try). I used to mumble and grumble to myself at first as I was always checked everyday, whereas there were others who did not have to undergo the procedure. Hell, they are doing their duty and I had to cooperate as a responsible citizen, I dun wanna sound like an ASS-R-K showing them attitude, I had better things to moan about.

You could always judge an enterprise by how courteous the gatekeepers are, the security guards in my office were very courteous. In all the three months I have worked there never have they missed wishing me a polite "Good Morning Sir" (they never pronounced it saar) , they are very caring and very helpful ,even when I had been there for an interview the first time. This shows they never differentiate between an employee and an outsider. There was this instance when I called up my dad to inform him of the untimely demise of Michael Jackson, the security guard who over heard it seemed visibly upset, asking me "Michael Jackson died?", later I realised that even these people whom we sometimes consider way below our league know stuffs. There was this one security guard working in the day shift to whom I asked for Moov, he not only gave me the ointment, but also enquired me about my back ache and suggested me ways to tackle it. God bless them, Its a pity I did not know the name of the very people who provided me such little moments of comfort.

The office canteen was one place which I would miss, it offers a great view of the concrete jungle that Chennai has become, buildings everywhere, smooth roads congested with traffic, and the Parrakum Rail whizzing past above the roads have served as a backdrop for all my conversations over the phone.Everytime I look at it, I feel a sense of pride in me which says "This is my office, this is where I work". Kumar working at the canteen serves tea diligently to all the employees, his evening snacks have always served as a topic of discussion as to who among our little group of employees is gonna be the sacrificial lamb who would empty is pockets. 

The over priced food courts with its stale food has been a joint for us little band of merry men to empty the contents of our wallet on it. My dream of having a pizza from Dominoes will probably remain a dream, maybe for the better, I have come close to getting a slice of it, but thanks to a colleague of mine whose appetite is as gigantic as that of a whale I could only manage a sniff of it.

The Tidel Gym (yes jerk-offs I have been sweating it out at the Gym) will be the one I would miss the most, my gym instructor Fabien (nope he aint French!) has been a kind man to put up with a walking- talking natural disaster like me. Many a times he has given me a cringing look whenever I used the dumb bells, a look that would say "Oh Shit! who is he gonna hurt now?" , but he has always been helpful no matter how close he has come to meeting with an accident while instructing me. He was way better than my first gym instructor who would say "Saar!! Yenna saar panaringa!!?" (though what he meant to say was "What the fuck are you doin asshole?!!") whenever he saw me do the bench press. After sweating it out for 22 days at the gym, and coming out unhurt, and leaving its other patrons unhurt, I broke the news to Fabien that my office is moving to a different place, he looked upset, but I bet he must have heaved a sigh of relief and would have said "Goodbye and good riddance!!" after I left. Whatever it may be, I thank you Mr.Fabien for being so helpful and making a skinny lad like me feel all macho about himself.

So from Monday, we will be at a new base, all these days we were at the turf of our parent company. We are a start-up company, and it is time we learnt to walk on our own and let go off our parents' hand, we will fall, but we will rise to keep walking. My new office may not offer me the views, the swanky food court, or the feeling that Iam working at a fancy place, I would be lucky enough if the loo looks hygienic enough to make me wanna take a shit there. But atleast I wont have the feeling that Iam living in a borrowed home, playing with borrowed toys. And as a professional (he he), its my duty to work under the environment provided, It will be hard to not to complain, it will take some time to adjust to living like a pauper especially when you were treated like a prince all these days. But the rise from being a pauper to again a prince is the stuff what life is made of. And I will live like a prince..

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Good luck at the new place man !