Monday, August 24, 2009

Carving our identity, in a new place, in OUR place….

So here Iam, at my new office with a new workstation, which is faster than the one I had earlier. Settling down to a less glamorous work style may take some time for my other colleagues who have worked in swankier and plush office environments, not for me though, Iam kinda okay with this, its not that bad, its okay for a first job working at a start-up company. Yes I don’t have a view, the only thing that would qualify as a “view” is the dump-yard and the morose looking buildings near my office, the people here are trying their best to make it look good, dustbins are being kept near my booth as I type this (making a mental note to ask the janitor to keep a handwash in the loo) its not a “cubicle”, it’s a booth, like the ones which we find in internet centers.  But its MY BOOTH, it is not on a borrowed land, and my workstation is not borrowed from my parent company, Its our own ! yes the dining area may not have Kumar serving us coffee and snacks, but its OUR dining area, I could slowly but surely feel that sense of ownership creeping in me. No more do I have to feel like a guest who overstays, no more shall I feel like Iam working in a place which I have to leave someday. I may be the poor prince who owns a straw crown, but it is better than a having a borrowed crown studded with diamonds.
The first step in getting recognized is to have our own space, a place from where we can announce ourselves to the outside world, a small place it may be, but its shall be a launch pad for us. It’s a learning curve for me as well, to start in a company unheard of and to play my role in making it heard is challenging. That is what life is, you start as a nobody, and as you progress, the baby steps you take turn into giant steps and when you look back you can be proud in saying to yourself “I started as a nobody, I’ve come a long way, Iam somebody now”, it is when you are at the bottom of the chain can you dream of going to the top. The ride may not be smooth, but it will be one heck of a ride.

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manasa said...

Hope it becomes a nice little cubicle in future....a little personalised !!!

Did the janitor fix the handwash btw ?? :P