Sunday, September 20, 2009

Disney buys Marvel - A reason to cheer or to sneer?

The makers of Mickey Mouse and Gang have bought Marvel Comics who have given us superhero figures like Spiderman, Ironman, and the X-men over the years. It may benefit the shareholders of both these entertainment giants what with more than $4 billion dollars being spent in the acquisition, but what about the average movie lover? Is this a great news for him? Disney and Marvel make comic characters, but both with varying characteristics. Disney is all cotton- candy entertainment who have over the years entertained kids and adults alike through thier goody- goody saturday morning cartoons. Marvel had a different range of comic superheroes who were toughies ranging from Captain America to Fantastic Four to Iron Man who were all macho, they were all about kicking bad asses all around the park. Sure it may help spread the name of Marvel's action icons by merging it with a top brand like Disney, but this is a merger that seems as wierd as a Lion mating a Deer ( with Marvel the Lion and Disney the Deer).

Now by keeping in mind that Marvel has upcoming action flicks like Iron Man 2, SpiderMan 4 in the near future, how much of its content will be affected with this merger? Disney's movies had an appeal to the whole family audience, The Lion King, Toy Story were films which the toddlers and kids ranging between 6-10 could relate to, with a saccharine coated story line with no guns and violence laced with neat humor. But Marvel's movies were out and out action films which even showed that their superheroes could have a darker side to them and were vulnerable to being beaten. With Disney having the upper hand does this mean that there will be a change in the presentation? Will the dark and brooding storyline make way for a happy ending? or worse will Spider Man just be reduced to a comic character like Mickey Mouse?

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